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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Discontinuing Posting of Dow Jones Newswire

Discontinuing Posting of Dow Jones Newswire
2 July 2008

Dear all,

I have been instructed and "advised" to stop my DJ news
posting, which I have accepted so as not to face any future
inevitable "misfortune".

I am waiting for further instructions whether I need
to remove or delete all past news posting as well.
If you never see any news posting when you read this message,
then they are gone from my blog forever.

Edited: I have removed the posting "as per request" from BB. :-(

I was hoping that the small retailers can read up
on some good write-up and stock recommendation
from a leading and trusted provider, but nevertheless
it is against the rights.
I simply can't fight the BBs' will and legal power.

I will decide what I will post at my future blog in a few days time.
Meanwhile, be careful with your trading, and read up
from other sources for some good research write-up,
and reports.

If you want to email me to "console" me, or wish
to lend me a shoulder, I will be glad to hear from you,
small, powerless, resilient retailers.

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