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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Update 26 May 2009

Yesterday, many stocks within the region surged
and some are now within range in a pretty
short time.

Swiber surged pass the $1 mark and closed
at 1.06 with a healthy volume, and that also
bring up Swissco to 66cts.

We saw that CapitaRetail China is now $1.02
although closing 1ct down.
Goodpack advanced 6 cts to close at 1.12
HL Asia closed unchanged at 1.27
Tat Hong moved up 4cts to 1.13
Suntec Reit closed 1/2ct down at 91cts

YangZiJiang burst into the region with high
volume and closed at 81cts, up 6 cts.
Genting also up 7.5cts to 88.5cts on a very
high volume.
ASL Marine at 89.5cts, +4.5cts

A few Reits and Property stocks are also within
shot of the $1 mark:
Allgreen: 92cts
Parkway Life: 89.5cts
K-Reit: 90cts

There are a few stocks that is likely to be
surging higher although they are not in the
Ascendas India Trust at 70.5cts
CSE Global at 56cts
Ezion at 58cts
First Resources at 64.5cts

Also, I wish to special mentioned a stock which
I believe will soon be in heat and will
be in play for a while.
Otto Marine IPO was in last Nov at 51cts,
and it has been very quiet for the last 6 months,
but I believe the current marine stock wind
will soon blow the stock up, as it is in
the same sector.
I have not seen other site or blog mentioning
this stock, and maybe, just only maybe,
I am among the first to alert and highlight this
stock to the mass readers.
Keep a watchout.

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