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Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Singapore Stock Reports For You" is back to serve all the investor/friends/public again!

Hello All,
I am restarting this blog from tomorrow 18 March onward.
This blog was set-up by me way back in 2008, that was
about 5 years ago. Its initial purpose was explained
in the various post here. How time flies and I can still
recalled that I started the blog with a light-bulb suddenly
light-up in my mind.

Now for the sad part of the story. I posted DJ news and
some Angmo reports in the blog and I kena warned
with legal actions and measure, that I have stopped
posting them after just some months. After that,
I started to post "rumours" and eventually a stock
filter list for stocks heading toward the $1 mark.
If you are in stock market for a while, you will know that
it is rather easy to make good money from the market
for those near to $1 stock. Back then, stock below $1
move up/down by 0.005 or 0.5 ct a bid and when they
cross the $1 mark, it will be 0.01 or 1 ct a bid. It was
"easy" to make money from all these stocks way then.

This blog was "unofficially" stopped around the 2009
when I switch my stock postings to Singapore Stock Lobang.
Now, I am adding another value-added service that I
believe will benefit the members and the readers of
my blogs. I received many many research analyst stock
reports everyday, and they come from both the local
and foreign brokerages and research houses. I am
going to re-paste those local brokerages' research report's
headline in this blog.

For example, these are some of the Friday reports:
By DBSV: Today's Focus
UOB Group of Companies - Looking across the board.
BUY SingLand, UOL; upgraded UIC to HOLD, maintain

By Maybank KE:
Singapore Daily
Far East Orchard: Brisk sales @ SBF Centre; Maintain Buy, TP $2.50

I believe that the readers will know what I mean when
they see the posts everyday. It will definitely benefit those
that has no access to even the local brokerage's research
reports. By the way, the foreign brokerage report mailing
list will still be available and intact. I will still send out the
reports to the list regularly. Hope that the readers and
members will truly benefit from this blog and the service
that I give and provide to the readers and members.
But do take note that, it is never my intention or recommendation
as a buy/sell decision from the reports that I provided.
Please make your sensible decision and act accordingly.
Also, I will update the blog whenever I am available, so the
posting may not be that timely when I am really occupied
with my own trading/investing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dearly missed... welcome back!


The Research Report is for your general and private
reading, and it is not a recommendation for any stock investment/trading.
There are Risk and Reward involved in stock investment/trading.
Readers should exercise caution and judgement when
making investment/trading decision from the report.
Past performance is never a good indication of Future performance.
Readers should seek the advice of professional, adviser
for any stock decision.
I will not be held responsible for any loss incurred from
stock decision from reading the research report.
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