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Friday, August 8, 2008

Rumours overheard today 08082008!! HUAT!!

Today number 1 rumour got to be on our Dearest DBS who just reported result:
CS look like not so happy with DBS result and CUT the TP to $20.50 and
downgrade to UNDERPERFORM,
MS follows the same way and also CUT the TP to a terribly-low $15.50 (OMG!!)
and downgrade to UNDERWEIGHT (better put on more weights, haha),
Citi has the same view and also slim the TP to $20.85, but said still maintain BUY,
BNP however said," You guys are wrong!!" It UP the rating to BUY and give
a TP of $22.70!

Look like our Dearest DBS has to wake up its idea and buck up
to win back more support!

UBS target-on NOL become $2.20, and same CUT to a SELL rating.
(Look like NOL will become Number-One-Loser???)

Citi is always awake, it don't like to sleep,
so it say OCBC also don't sleep too much now that
it has been CUT to SELL and only TP $8.35 now.
JPM also said "You are Right!" TP become $8.00, but
give you a NEUTRAL rating first.

CS said that Starhub is only worth the TP of $2.55, and
can only achieve a UNDERPERFORM rating.
(Well, look like SH can/may increase the Premier League
fee to boost up its margin, OMG, please don't do so!!)

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