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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rumours overheard at SGX Fruit Market

I was looking for some food to eat when I saw lots of foreigner
rumour-monger gossiping near the fruit stall, so I just write
what I heard from the red-hair.

Brother Lehman has so many things not happy with our
Property stocks and Reits that he reduce them to Neutral,
but I can sense it is more like a "Sell".
Many property counters all went for a Haircut,
City Dev, Bukit Sembawang, SC Global and Keppel Land all down to Equalweight.
Big Shot Capitaland TP become $5.30 only.
2 Reits, Capitacommercial and K-Reit also went for haircut.
Capita TP become $1.9, and K-Reit is only worth $1.7 to Bro Leh.

- Come on SG prop counters, if you want to drop, better drop more
as then I can pick you up cheaply. The best if can SG property also
drop as much.
But seriously, do you think it is really possible??!!
I doubt you?

Jap Nomura also opened mouth and said that they like CDL Hospitality,
and its TP increase to $1.48 with a Outperform rating,
but they don't like C&O Pharm, and terrible C&O TP become
a mere $0.26 with a Neutral Hold.

Mr JPM don't like Kep Land, and here is what you get: TP reduced to $3.5
MS said Cosco deserve only an Equalweight call, so better wake up!
Macquarie from down-under don't like tech heavyweight Venture, and
the TP down to $15.50

-Look like Venture may need to venture out more, and I believe
it should be looking for M&A target, since it is the about-right way
to go now.

Seem like I need to visit more market and supermarket around
the neighbourhood as there are so many rumours and gossips
flying all around, and if you alert, it may mean a big windfall in disguise.
Crossing my fingers.......and tying up my hairs, as they are be
so naughty and unmanageable sometimes.

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