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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Update 2 June 2009

I took a break in posting at this blog, but the
market refuse to pause for a bit, and continue
to power through the roof.
Not that I am complaining, but I seriously hope
that the readers to both my blogs have made
some serious cold hard cash with all the hot money
coming in.

Many stocks have made stunning progress up the
scale, and I will be highlighting some of them here.

1. CapitaRetail China 1.20 +2cts (I started recommending below $1)
2. Goodpack 1.09
3. HL Asia 1.46 +5cts (I can still remembered that it was a sub-1 stocks weeks ago)
4. Suntec Reit 1.02 +7cts (Above $1 once again)
5. Tat Hong 1.12
6. CapitaComm 1.29 +16cts (amazing run lately)

A few stocks are looking strong to be heading the magical mark:
1. ASL Marine 95.5cts +5cts
2. Ho Bee 92cts +5.5cts
3. YangZiJiang 82.5cts +2cts
4. Boustead 80.5cts +6.5cts (I highlighted last week, did you benefit from it)
5. CitySpring 66cts +2.5cts

Ok, that's it for today.
I will be back soon...
Back to my trading.....

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