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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quick Update 9 June 2009

We finally had a decent correction
yesterday, and I am glad to see a pool
of reds, and yes, I wish to see it for a
couple of days more, or the increase
of severity in the stock range fall.
Will I get my wish?
We shall see....

If you were to look closely at the Top 20 Volume
at yesterday closing bell, you will noticed that
there were an amazing 15 pennies (10cts and below)
in it, and I will highlight them today.
It is unhealthy to see so many such pennies
in the play, and we are likely to see more people
getting stuck if they start to tumble.

Top 20 Volume:
1. EuNetworks : 3.5cts
2. Digiland : 0.5cts
3. Centillion : 2.5cts
4. Jade : 4.5cts
6. China NTown : 10cts
7. Goldtron : 1ct
8. MDR : 1.5cts
9. Sunmoon : 0.5cts
12. Abterra : 6.5cts
13. UniFiber : 9cts
14. Ipco : 3.5cts
15. ChinaACorp : 6.5cts
16. Equation : 9.5cts
19. Magnus : 4cts
20. Memstar : 4.5cts

If you still look further pass the 20th,
you will see that the 22th is KLW at 3.5cts,
27th is Liang Huat at 4.5cts, 28th E3 Holdings
at 2cts, 29th AdvSCT 8.5cts and 30th Vashion at 1.5cts.

These stocks are so cheap, for reasons that
you and me don't understand and I don't wish
to find out too, but Mr Market has priced them
at such price. I don't like to see them, and they are likely to be
such cheap price for many more days/weeks/months,
so I don't bother with them.
If you are looking for quick 100%, 200% gains
in stocks, and willing to undertake the equal and
opposite losses, by all mean, trade all these pennies.
Take note that you may really lose BIG on them.


A few of the stocks that I have been mentioning
and highlighted had once again fallen
to attractive price range, and I will "display"
them out for your selection:
(Stock Price is based on 8 June closing)

1. CapitaRetail China : 1.10 -7cts
2. CapitaComm : 91cts -5cts
3. Goodpack : 98.5cts -9.5cts
4. HL Asia : 1.32 -10cts
5. Indoagri : 1.29 -8cts
6. Suntec Reit : 99cts -3cts
7. Tat Hong : 99cts -4cts
8. Ho Bee : 84cts -5.5cts
9. ASL Marine : 88cts -5.5cts
10. Swiber : 85.5cts -7cts
11. YZJ : 81cts -3.5cts
12. China Fish : 1.08 -5cts
13. CAO : 1.18 -6cts

Will update soon...

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