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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stocks in the 80cts-$1.10 range

As you know, I have not been providing the
range list for some time, and it should be a
good time now to do so. You will be able to see
how the stocks have moved since the last list.
The below selected stocks entry were based on 29 July
closing figure. I believe you will see many of them
more than $1 pretty soon.
The stock with the * are stocks that I personally
tracked and followed.

1. TPV Tech - 80.5cts
2. Ascendas India Trust* - 84cts
3. Genting* - 84cts
4. Midas* - 84cts
5. Rotary Enginnering* - 86.5cts (Hitting my radar, and will be tracked)
6. Ascott Residence Trust - 87cts
7. Capcomm Trust* - 87cts
8. Soilbuild - 87cts
9. SingPost - 88.5cts
10. ASL Marine* - 89cts
11. YangZiJiang* - 89cts
12. Bonvest - 89.5cts
13. Petra Food - 90cts
14. Swiber* - 92.5cts
15. Goodpack* - $1
16. Parkway Reit - $1
17. Tat Hong* - $1.03
18. Fraser Centrepoint Trust - $1.04
19. K-Reit - $1.04
20. Suntec Reit* - $1.05
21. Ho Bee* - 1.07

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