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Friday, August 7, 2009

Penny Stocks having good potential to go higher, even pass $1

I have compiled a list of stocks below or at
$1 mark, and have good potential to testing
new high, and even surpass the $1 mark in
no time.
It is not an exhaustive list, and I certainly
might missed some good stocks, but I will
just highlight those that have caught my eyes.
If you feel that there are more, just email me
with the "forgotten" stock.
(Price shown is based on 6 August closing figure)

1. Goodpack: $1
2. Suntec Reit: $1
3. Swiber: 98cts
4. ASL Marine 98cts
5. Singpost: 93.5cts
6. First Resources: 89cts
7. CapitaComm Trust: 88cts
8. Falcon Energy: 83cts
9. Ascendas India Trust: 80.5cts
10. Mermaid Maritime: 79cts
11. ARA: 78.5cts
12. Boustead: 76cts
13. Ezion: 75cts
14. CSE Global: 70.5cts
15. Hi-P: 68cts
16. CWT: 65cts
17. Raffles Educations: 64cts
18. Hour Glass: 65cts
19. Swissco: 63cts
20. Epure: 60.5cts
21. Tiong Woon: 59cts
22. Ausgroup: 58.5cts
23. CH Offshore: 53cts
24. Chemoil: USD 51.5cts
25. China XLX: 50cts
26. China Milk: 50cts
27. Sinotel: 36cts

Watch over them, and I will update them weekly at
each friday closing figure.

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